Watching a time-lapse video never gets old. Though, shooting one is a different ball game. You start out feeling quite adventurous. You’re walking through town, looking for the best spot. You’ll figure out your shot, tweak your camera settings, hit the start button and then… Then you wait.  You notice it’s pretty cold outside. Great weather for a walk, it is. But guarding your tripod doesn’t get your blood pumping. After waiting for twenty minutes, you’ll take out your phone to find out that only five minutes have past. You’ll repeat this a couple of times and then, when the wait is finally over, you and your freezing hands, get to pack your ice-cold tripod. At home you’ll transfer the photos to your computer; get them through Lightroom and after pulling some knobs and dials, you realize it wasn’t all for nothing. Not only that, it turned out to look pretty rad!

And that’s where it gets dangerous. You forget that shooting time-lapses is no fun, and you’ll fall into the same trap again. Just like I did. Here’s the result of last Tuesday. 🙂