3×3 Europe Cup in 360

It’s probably is the fastest growing sport of this time. And with the decision to add 3×3 basketball to the Olympic program, nothing stood in the way for the Europe Cup to become a succes.

The Museum Quarter in Amsterdam was home to this year’s Europe Cup, and we were present for FIBA to create two 360º videos during both the men’s and women’s finals.

Both videos were placed on FIBA’s social channels and you can check them out below. For the best experience though, we recommend to look them up in the Youtube app on your iOS or Android device.


What is a concert venue?

Hedon is a well known concert venue in Zwolle. In 2014 they opened a brand new building with two auditoriums. A place where different types of music and artists are introduced to the public. But there’s a lot more to Hedon than meets the public’s eyes. There are several rehearsal spaces, a professional kitchen where they cook for artists, technicians and all other crew. Preparing a show takes a lot of hard work and preparation.

To introduce kids to Hedon, they provides educational programs to elementary schools. During one guided tour through the venue, they noticed that kids couldn’t really grasp what it takes to prepare a show. That’s why we were asked to make an educational film, explaining exactly that.

We created a presenters duo with Iskandar and a kid in the age group of our audience. After a little audition, the talented Naomi Meijnen became our pick.

Singer and musician Waylon was nice enough to work with us for this project and after a good pre-production we had a two day shoot. Big thanks to our camera man Site Steendam!

In the film, Iskandar and Naomi introduce the viewer to the complete process of booking an artist until the actual show. They visit the venue programmer, help the marketing team, speak with the technicians and of course they have a conversation with the artist, Waylon.

In a nutshell, the films provides the young viewers with a clear image of everything that makes for a good show in a concert venue.