Happy 2019!

Happy new year everyone! We had a blast working with all kinds of different clients. From the amazing people of UNStudio to the great storytellers at 60 Second Docs, and everyone else. You know who you are. Have a great 2019! We’re looking forward to work together again, or for the first time!

A Celebration of Travel

Here’s the short documentary we created for and with the fine people from UNStudio​. Architect Ben van Berkel speaks on the iconic Arnehm Central Station. A milestone project, which took almost 20 years to complete.

Compared to that, 12 minutes isn’t that long. Not as brief as most online videos these days. But it’s free, so we suggest you take advantage of it! 🍿

Soon on our portfolio with more information about the process! 👀




Walk for Freedom Rotterdam

The A21 Walk For Freedom 2018. Today in communities around the world, you can see people walking in single-file lines wearing black with a message that can’t be ignored: slavery still exists. We contributed by filming the Rotterdam event.


The Rijks after hours

Aquick bts picture from our shoot yesterday night. We needed the museum empty, so we went in after hours. This way our sound engineer didn’t have to deal with too much background noise. Also, our actor didn’t have to worry about accidentally bumping into visitors, every now and again. 😬





Drone Shoot

Last week we joined forces with the Cloudshots team to create some aerial footage above Hilversum. While they were flying the drone, Iskandar operated the camera. 🎮






We were asked by 60 Second Docs to film for this one minute video about iSteef. An artist who uses bananas as his canvas. They edited the video, and it is out now! 👇




Canal Cruise

So much fun this morning! We started the week shooting on the Amsterdam canals. The client provided us with our own full length canal cruiser, so we didn’t have to worry about tourists being in our way. Or the other way around, of course. 😇

Said Kinos

A short clip of Said Kinos working on his pillar for Rotterdam Art Ride. They asked an international group of emerging and established artists to paint the pillars under the metro line. You can find this piece and the rest, between the Rijnhaven and Maashaven metro stations.


EVA1 | Low Light Test

So we bought a new camera — the Panasonic EVA1 — and took it out for a spin last night, to test it out in some low light environments. Eline brought her basketball to bring some movement to the shots and we basically went out to look for light spilling out of shopping windows. Everything was shot in V-log 4096 x 2160 50p with the base ISO set to 2500, brought down to 1000. We did a quick grade in Premiere this morning, and it turned out quite well.





See these two gangsters? That’s us posing for our friends from RECESS.
They recently launched their brand and first capsule during a party hosted by Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam.

“The beginning of the journey back to being in RECESS. Kicking it with the homies and doing whatever makes you happy.”

Check out our Insta Story below and give @recessamsterdam a follow!

They’re finally here!

It took a while, but after a lot of back and forth with our manufacturer, the Starman Mission Patches finally came in! It started out as a last minute digital design in honor of the first Falcon Heavy launch. After tweeting it as a reply to SpaceX, lots of people started asking for the actual embroidered patch.

We had no idea how to do this, but decided we would find out. In the meantime, we posted an update to our website, asking people to fill out a form if they were interested in buying patches, and so they did!

Last week we started collecting addresses and packing and shipping the patches. A few were send to other European countries, but most orders ship to the US. Really excited!

Order your patch!
If you haven’t ordered your patch yet, you can do so by following this link: https://bwfd.be/missionpatch

Marathon Rotterdam 2018

She did it! Eline finished her first NN Marathon Rotterdam in 04:11:57, only six months after joining the Patta Running Team. Of course Iskandar followed around taking pictures, and put a GoPro on top of his camera. It didn’t capture the whole thing, but after some editing it turned out looking pretty cool!

These are a few of our favorite pictures.

GYM Magazine 2

Yesterday we were invited to the beautiful Vondelgym Oost, for the launch party GYM Magazine‘s second edition. A magazine focusing on training, nutrition and physical care as a tool for a positive mindset. The magazine is in Dutch and available from today on!

Thanks @arieboomsmainstagram@klaasboom & @marije.boomsma! 💪


On the tram stop

Sometimes you just got too much going on at the same time. Fortunately, this day and age allows me to keep working while traveling. The picture above was taken a couple of hours ago on a tram stop in Amsterdam, while I was finishing a video and sending it off to the client for review. Only minutes later, we walked into a meeting with a new client.

Eline on Star Wars

Currently I’m working on a Star Wars based illustration series. The idea came last December with the release of the Last Jedi, and I started illustrating a stormtrooper. In the past few weeks I’ve worked on Rey, Kylo Ren and Poe.

In my previous work you can see me drawing a lot of straight and smooth lines, using the pen tool. But because this is free work, there is more room to experiment. That’s why I chose to use a brush tool for this series. It’s something different than what I’m used to and alows more organic shapes.

Right now I’m working on Finn, the ex-stormtrooper. I’m not sure yet if that will end the series. Also, I’d love to apply this style more often in the projects for our clients!


Falcon Heavy Mission Patch

The first launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy wasn’t an ordinary one. Not only did they successfully land two booster rockets back on earth; they send Elon Musk’s private Tesla Roadster in orbit around the sun, while playing Space Oddity by David Bowie.

Literally T-minus two minutes before launch, I finished my unofficial Mission Patch and after posting it to Twitter, my phone’s notifications blew up.

Get yours today!

So by popular demand, for all your t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers et cetera, I’ve made the artwork available through Society6. 👈 

Actual Embroidered Patch?

Mockup image

If you would like to order the actual embroidered Mission Patch, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as more information about pricing and additional shipping is available. Thank you!


Please follow this link: https://bwfd.be/missionpatch

Our 404 Page

Oops! The page you requested was not found. Running into a 404 page can be quite frustrating. We wanted to create a 404 that looked a bit more fun. So we decided to create a nice illustration based on our logo. Eline did the illustration work, Iskandar brought it to life.

Check out the result below or go to our 404 page!

Watch out, time-lapse!

Watching a time-lapse video never gets old. Though, shooting one is a different ball game. You start out feeling quite adventurous. You’re walking through town, looking for the best spot. You’ll figure out your shot, tweak your camera settings, hit the start button and then… Then you wait.  You notice it’s pretty cold outside. Great weather for a walk, it is. But guarding your tripod doesn’t get your blood pumping. After waiting for twenty minutes, you’ll take out your phone to find out that only five minutes have past. You’ll repeat this a couple of times and then, when the wait is finally over, you and your freezing hands, get to pack your ice-cold tripod. At home you’ll transfer the photos to your computer; get them through Lightroom and after pulling some knobs and dials, you realize it wasn’t all for nothing. Not only that, it turned out to look pretty rad!

And that’s where it gets dangerous. You forget that shooting time-lapses is no fun, and you’ll fall into the same trap again. Just like I did. Here’s the result of last Tuesday. 🙂



Pleased to meet you (Again)

An urgent job in the weekend. Akim Bwefar – Iskandar’s brother – emailed that he quickly needed a logo, based on the phrase: “Pleased to meet you (again)”. Bwefar Rental‘s new slogan for the coming year. We didn’t have much time, because the files had to be at the printing office on Monday morning, in order to shine on the exhibition stand during CUE – exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology –  in Rotterdam Ahoy.

After working late hours, I delivered three designs before dawn on Monday, so Akim could pick his choice and send it off to the printer.

Yesterday we visited to the exhibition ourselves and found the result very satisfying!



360º Mini Documentary

Last week you could find us shooting a 360º video during a concert. Hedon commissioned us to make a 360º mini documentary, following the Paceshifters heading up to their last show of the year. We followed the guys in their rehearsal space and on the day of their show. Stay tuned for the result!

The Last Jedi

Watching The Last Jedi at 11 in the morning on it’s release day. That’s a great benefit of being self-employed. Creating illustrations is something I like to do, and do often. So after the movie I decided to do a Star Wars illustration series. I am a big fan of the precision the pen tool brings within Illustrator, and I usually use it for almost everything. For this series I decided to get a bit more loose, and use the blob brush for certain elements. Iskandar made a cool video of my process creating the Stormtrooper.

Right now, the Stormtrooper and Rey are finished; a few more will follow later.

Adobe Creative Meetup

Yesterday we were at the Adobe Creative Meetup during the Dutch Design Week (DDW) at SintLucas in Eindhoven. Bart van der Wiele (Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe) was leading the program and gave us insight in all the new developments within Creative Cloud. Beside that, guest speakers Maxim van Dam (User Experience Designer, Born05), Rik Oostenbroek (Illustrator) en Marvin Koppejan (Creative Director, Woodwork) were present and told us about their work and their view the profession.

In case you’re interested, you can rewatch the live stream below.

Cibap at DDW17

At the end of this month, the nine-day event Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven will take place. Spread throughout hundreds of locations within the city, DDW organizes exhibitions, lectures, network meetings, debates and festivities. Cibap – together with SintLucas – presents itself at the HOW&WOW exhibition of Crafts Council Nederland. Students of the education ‘Creatief Vakman’ (Creative Craftsman) will display their work.

This week we were at Cibap to film for a suiting video that will function as a backdrop in their exhibition stand.