Watch out, time-lapse!

Watching a time-lapse video never gets old. Though, shooting one is a different ball game. You start out feeling quite adventurous. You’re walking through town, looking for the best spot. You’ll figure out your shot, tweak your camera settings, hit the start button and then… Then you wait.  You notice it’s pretty cold outside. Great weather for a walk, it is. But guarding your tripod doesn’t get your blood pumping. After waiting for twenty minutes, you’ll take out your phone to find out that only five minutes have past. You’ll repeat this a couple of times and then, when the wait is finally over, you and your freezing hands, get to pack your ice-cold tripod. At home you’ll transfer the photos to your computer; get them through Lightroom and after pulling some knobs and dials, you realize it wasn’t all for nothing. Not only that, it turned out to look pretty rad!

And that’s where it gets dangerous. You forget that shooting time-lapses is no fun, and you’ll fall into the same trap again. Just like I did. Here’s the result of last Tuesday. 🙂



Pleased to meet you (Again)

An urgent job in the weekend. Akim Bwefar – Iskandar’s brother – emailed that he quickly needed a logo, based on the phrase: “Pleased to meet you (again)”. Bwefar Rental‘s new slogan for the coming year. We didn’t have much time, because the files had to be at the printing office on Monday morning, in order to shine on the exhibition stand during CUE – exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology –  in Rotterdam Ahoy.

After working late hours, I delivered three designs before dawn on Monday, so Akim could pick his choice and send it off to the printer.

Yesterday we visited to the exhibition ourselves and found the result very satisfying!



First Omni Time Lapse

Three weeks ago our GoPro 360ºcamera finally came in.
The GoPro Omni is a metal rig with six GoPro Hero 4 camera’s, which together are capable of shooting up to 8K resolution video. Read More

Get on Snapchat!

About two years ago, I didn’t really like Snapchat. Mainly because not a lot of people I knew where active users. But the same can to be said about Instagram a few years back.
And just like Instagram at the time, Snapchat has been populair among teenagers for quite a while now.

About 60% of it’s users in the U.S. are between 13 and 24 years old. In the last few months I noticed an increase in Snapchat’s popularity here in the Netherlands as well. Even with older people like myself (almost 27 yo).
Anyway, the best tips from my side right now is: get on Snapchat if you’re not already are. Even more when your job involves marketing/communications.

My second best tip: add us on Snapchat! You can use Snapchat’s camera to scan the codes below, or use the old school method by adding us by our user names: iskandarbwefar and elinefroukje.

For more information I encourage you to read this article by Gary Vaynerchuk


Modern Dutch Architecture

About a month and a half ago we’ve started Bwefar & de Boer. Besides being really busy with both exciting and boring stuff, there’s still time to create free work.Eline wanted to improve her illustration skills and came up with a series called: Modern Dutch Architecture.Read More

Business Cards

Our business cards just came in! Of course the large part will end up in the trash, so we kept that in mind while designing them.

If you’d like to get one, just invite us for a coffee.

Visiting Douwe Dijkstra

Last week our friend Bart Jansen – the guy with the blower – asked us to play a small part in a new project he is working on with Douwe Dijkstra. Of course we said ‘yes’. In case you don’t know, Douwe is one of the most talented video artists we have in the Netherlands.Read More

Bwefar & de Boer

Hooray! Our first official post, on our first official day as creative partners in business. We’ve been talking about this for a while now, so it’s great to finally share this with you.

Sometimes everything just makes sense. Read More